26 Things I Learned From My Editor, Cindy King

IMG_6292Several weeks ago while I was working on a story, I took a break and checked Facebook. Sitting in the quiet of the public library I let out a big gasp when I read about Cindy King’s death via an update on her own Facebook profile.

Cindy, the Editorial Director at Social Media Examiner, offered many personal and editorial teachings to me over the years. Several times a month we’d exchange emails, and go back and forth about topics for the online magazine. Pitches she accepted or flat-out rejected. Agreed upon due dates. Twenty-six ways to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs—you name it.

In the last several years, Cindy and I also talked about cancer.  As a long-time cancer survivor, Cindy asked questions of me as she headed into treatment.  And as is often the case, the student ultimately teaches the teacher.  Cindy taught me about places where she found hope and inspiration.

Cindy’s death coincided with my return to Facing Cancer Together, a cancer support organization, where I’m currently facilitating  “Coloring for Wellness,” an experience that is providing me with great joy as I see participants embrace color and a meditative activity.

I wrote many 26 tips articles for Social Media Examiner over the years and I couldn’t think of a better way to express some of the editorial lessons she imparted to me.  26 Things I learned from my editor, Cindy King.  An A-Z Guide.

#1: Address Readers’ Needs

#2: Best Foot Forward

#3: Create Worthwhile Posts

#4: Do Your Homework

#5 :Edit, Edit, Edit

#6: Fiddle With The Title

#7: Go Back to Evergreeen Content

#8: Humor Has a Place

#9: Invite Readers to Comment

#10: Join in the Conversation

#11: Keep Up with the Industry

#12: Love What You Do

#13: Make the Most of Your Word Count

#14: Never Give Up

#15: Open Minded to New Concepts

#16: Pitch a Few Topics at a Time

#17: Quality Matters

#18: Read Everything You Can On A Topic

#19: Share Valuable Content

#20: Teach Others

#21: Utilize Talent

#22: Value Resources

#23: Weigh In

#24: Xcellence Matters

#25: You’re Only As Good as Your Next Article

#26: Zero-In On What Works

In memory of Cindy King.

Author: Deb Hemley

Writer and Social Media Coach http://debhemleywriter.com

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