Content Strategy: Approach/Services


“Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful content.” ~Kristina Halvorson

Before a few years ago the words content and strategy may have seemed like an unlikely pairing. But today, they’re commonplace.  And for good reasons.  They go together. Enhance one another.  Think peanut butter and jelly.  Wine and cheese.  You get the drift!

Creating a content strategy requires a tailored communications plan, one that is created specifically for your organization and reflects your goals and objectives. The strategy should also resonate with your target audience–existing clients and prospects. Your content should inform, add value and be engaging. Sound like a tall order?  Not really.
This is where I come into the picture.

I look at: 

  • where you’re at today– newbie, wannabee, been-there-but-haven’t-mastered-yet
  • objectives of your online and offline communications
  • ways to optimize your website, blog, email newsletters, social platforms via
    • content
      • assessment of your SEO (search engine optimization)–page title, meta description, tags
      • write or review/edit your blog posts/email newsletters, business proposals, ebooks, etc.
    • distribution strategies
    • inherent value of the posts you share on social platforms
      • keywords, hashtags
      • posting frequency and content mix (e.g. written, video, images)
      • ratio of original vs. others content (influencers/respected/reliable sources)

I’ll meet you where you are.  And, no matter what anyone may tell you-–there are no magic formulas for success.

Through concerted, consistent and committed efforts I believe businesses are able to improve their content strategies.

I’ll help you identify areas to work on.  Teach by example.  And encourage you to jump in and take the reins when you’re ready.

Let’s talk about your project and ways I can be of assistance.  And, while you’re here, check-out my blog and portfolio.