Turns, Detours & New Directions

The day I bought a Global Positioning System or commonly known as a GPS, I felt liberated in a way I’d never known before. The fear of getting lost, figuratively and literally, has plagued me for a good part of my adult life. With the small black box which could slip into the palm of my hand and my glove compartment, I was instantly offered a new freedom. I would no longer be forced to navigate the sudden turns and detours of life on my own. Instead, I was invited to embrace new directions with a trust-worthy guide, my Garmin Nuvi 255.

Writing has been one of those new directions I’ve embarked upon for the past several years. As a non-fiction short essay writer and a social media blogger, I’ve been in a love affair with words, research, and reading,  and have been traveling middle-age with a new lust for life.

I’ve been writing for the blog, Impressions through Media, since October 2007 and through blogging I’ve found a voice and a short form which crosses the boundaries between personal and professional.

I hope you will join me as a passenger, co-pilot, sightseer or just a plain, good old-fashioned reader on my new blog.

Author: Deb Hemley

Multimedia Artist http://debhemleywriter.com

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