Taking a Look at YouTube Channels 3.5

It’s hard to keep up these days with all of the changes social networks throw our way.  YouTube is no exception. They recently made some changes, aka YouTube Channels 3.5, with a redesigned homepage and channel layouts.

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Author: Deb Hemley

Multimedia Artist http://debhemleywriter.com

2 thoughts on “Taking a Look at YouTube Channels 3.5”

  1. I run 3 YouTube channels – all basically segregated by the businesses I was running at the time. http://www.youtube.com/JohnS72 http://www.youtube.com/FloridaBeachMG http://www.youtube.com/SullivansProjects first of all it’s a shame You Tube doesn’t allow for name changes and video transfers between accounts because I’d love to run them all into one contiguous feed but am unwilling to repost videos when I have 30k+ hits I want to keep on certain videos. Plus I have videos I’d love to repost in HD but that would originate a new URL and hit counter and for the same reason I don’t want to ruin good with the attempt at better. Lastly, it’s a shame that every time I like or comment upon a post when logged in to do so that that video thus appears immediately on my channel as my own. YouTube 3.5 has become a high-maintenance endeavor, and I really hate that.

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