An Online Community Management Book (Really for Smarties!)

The For Dummies book series has been around awhile now and while some may have considered them to be light-weights in terms of content, they are usually very comprehensive guides on many different topics. This past week I read and wrote about Deb Ng’s book, Online Community Management for Dummies, for GigCoin’s blog.

The book is a compendium of tips for anyone (brand and individual) who is looking for ways to manage their presences on multiple social-networking platforms. It’s an excellent book, well-worth your time to read and implement the suggestions.

The author, Deb Ng,  has worked in the field and is currently the Community Manager for BlogWorld whose conference takes place in NYC next week.

You can check out the full post on GigCoin!

Author: Deb Hemley

Multimedia Artist

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