Businesses and their Approach to Tumblr

I have a new article published today on Social Media Examiner (SME), 26 Ways to Market Your Business with Tumblr. You can read the full post on SME.

It’s always very useful to see how other businesses are using a social networking platform, what features are important to them, how they integrate multiple platforms, the voice they use, and how they differentiate the use of one platform from others.

In the case of Tumblr, we see brands reaching out in other directions, taking some big leaps from a more predictable presence then they would on something like Twitter or Facebook.

If you’re new here and visiting my blog as a result of seeing the article on Social Media Examiner, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

26 ways to market your business with Tumblr

Author: Deb Hemley

Multimedia Artist

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