Mobile Advertising 101

Mobile advertising is hardly new but there has been a surge of attention and interest in mobile ads in 2013.  For my new article on GigCoin, Mobile Trends in Mobile Advertising What Businesses Need to Know, I cover: mobile ad growth, ad prices, click rates, major advertising players, how mobile utilizes push marketing, ad sizes, predictions for the future of mobile marketing; and a look at the ads of ten of the top mobile advertisers, where their ads appeared, along with the landing pages, as well as a list of suggested resources.

While researching for the article I came across Competitrack, a full service advertising tracking firm, who rolled out mobile tracking this year. Their database is a treasure trove of ads from different industries, and businesses of all sizes. Ginny Tuckman, President of Competitrack, provided me with access to the database where I pulled up ads and their corresponding landing pages as well as info about the mobile app or website where the ad had been placed. With Competitrack’s permission, I was delighted to include ad and landing page screenshots.

If you have time, swing by the article and feel free to share with friends and colleagues who you think might find it of interest.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!



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Author: Deb Hemley

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