Change is Good, Especially When It Comes to Social Media

Regular readers get used to the ways businesses and news media deliver content. They know what to expect. Where to look. And how they’ll find what they’re searching for. That’s all fine and good. But so is change, trying new ways to tell a story, new ways to format information.

Recently the Boston Globe, changed the format of my favorite section–the G section. I’ve seen this section go through several iterations during the time I’ve lived in Boston. The first few days I might feel like, “whoa, what happened here?” But within a short time I always come around to seeing the strengths of the changes and can barely remember what things were like previously.

Social media content has lots of options to consider and while it needn’t be as radical right off the bat as changing the format of an entire section, social content developers can try integrating images, audio, specific apps, etc.  In my new 26 Tips article on Social Media Examiner I offer ways to consider. Twenty-six ways to be precise.

Some times change gets a bad rap. But in these info-rich times, resistance to change may be far, far worse.

If you found your way to my blog as a result of the SME article, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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26 tips


Author: Deb Hemley

Multimedia Artist

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