When doing these digital paintings on my iPad in Procreate I often start with getting settled into my space and listening to music.

For this piece, I had sought out a playlist on Spotify of Tuck and Patti’s music. I had re-discovered the duo about a week ago after hearing Eric in The Evening on WGBH play a track of theirs. I hadn’t listened to Tuck and Patti in probably at least ten years. And there is nothing like the experience for me of hearing music that had always resonated with me, again.

For this painting, I settled into my armchair with my iPad on my lap and let the music take me back. And when I picked up the pencil, the marks and strokes quite literally took over.

Perhaps one of the most wonderful feelings is to trust the marks, the color palette you’ve chosen and to let go. Let go into the image. Let go into the world you’ve entered.

The names for pieces often don’t come to me until a while after feeling that a painting is done. I choose to let the words come to me and try not to force a name upon them.

Elements, seemed to wrap it up for me.

Author: Deb Hemley

Multimedia Artist http://debhemleywriter.com

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