Book Review | The Acrylic Painter

acyrlicSometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. In this case, I knew that the world of acrylic paint and mediums were foreign to me but after reading The Acrylic Painter by James Van Patten where he writes about tools and techniques, all those jars, tubes and bottles in the art supply stores finally made sense.

I’ve experimented since reading the book with Golden’s cracked paste, fiber paste and pumice gel. The results are fantastic and open worlds of possibilities.

Van Patten’s recommendations for a good set of brushes for the beginner have turned out to be exactly what I needed to know too. Who tells you these things? Right down to the brand and a picture of what the package looks like.

And even though I’d heard about gessoing a canvas, Van Patten took the mystique out of a process that I imagined to be complicated and why would I even need to do that?

The visual experience is handled so well in chapter four of the  book and broke down form, value, color, texture, time and motion in easy to understand language, accompanied by photos.

The book is an excellent resource and one that has taken a prominent place on my coffee table where every time I pick it up, I learn something new or have it reinforced again. I’ve even taken it with me to the art supply store where its helped me to decide on colors for mixing and types of paint that I previously hadn’t been able to decipher why I would want one type over another.

I highly recommend the book for new acrylic painters and experienced ones as well. I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.