Creating Effective Social Media Campaigns

I have a new article published today on Social Media Examiner, How to Design a Social Media Campaign. For this post, I’ve identified core elements of a campaign. And as I often do when I want to point to a business who exemplifies good social media efforts, I turned to Whole Foods Market.

I followed Whole Foods links, tweets. Watched Whole Foods videos. And quickly became intrigued by a campaign that they executed to help announce the opening of their new Whole Foods Market POPLAR store in Memphis. Able to access, Emily Lux, the social media manager, I reached out and interviewed her about how they approached the campaign in the planning stages to implementation.

There are many teachable moments from the Poplar store campaign. Check it out on SME!

If you found your way to my blog as a result of the SME article, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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Author: Deb Hemley

Multimedia Artist

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