Posts and Other Summer Musings

The summer has been good so far! I’ve been busy blogging, connecting with new and familiar folks as sources for some of my posts, and when not working enjoying the long hours of sunlight and hot (sometimes muggy) New England days.

Probably most noticeable for me this summer is that I’ve been doing a lot of summer reading–both fiction and non-fiction. And for the most part, enjoying most of the books I’ve read. And even plowing through to the end of the ones that may not exactly hold my interest.

Two new posts which I’ve had the pleasure to write and contribute to this past week was one that was published on Social Media Examiner, 22 Top Blog Tools Loved by the Pros :

and the other, Innovation + Creativity = Great Experiences for Businesses on Instagram, published on GigCoin.

Hope your summer is going well! And that you’re enjoying some good down time, too,  hopefully peeling yourself away from being online. A goal which to be perfectly honest, I’m still working on–but I am a little better!

Recent blog posts

Oops, I haven’t updated my own blog now in a few weeks! Guess I’ve been busy researching and writing (and snapping photos on my iPhone, applying filters and sharing on Instagram)!

What have I been up to? Well, continuing in my tradition of 26 Tips, A-Z Guides, my seventh post in the series, 26 Tips for Adding Customer Service to Your Social Media Strategy, was published on Social Media Examiner on June 1st.

This past month, I’ve also had four additional posts published on GigCoin’s blog on a variety of social media topics: optimizing video on YouTube, lead generation, viral effect of video ads, creating new business opportunities.

What have you been working on?